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Shreya Pujari is a jazz and R&B vocalist from San Francisco. She is heavily influenced by traditional and folk music from around the world. Her Indian upbringing, careful study of linguistics,  and curiosity for other cultures creates a versatile performer with an adaptable tone. She frequently blends eastern and western musical concepts in order to highlight  international music in front of an american audience.


Shreya has been singing for the past 15 years, including recurring appearances with folk bands and professional choirs. She has toured internationally through Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Canada. Her performance experience spans cultural festivals, musicals, political summits, and benefit galas, as well as sharing the stage with Jordan Sparks, Vessela Stoyanova, and Sergio Martinez. In 2018, She released her debut single “Ei Je Morom” with Indian chart-topper Zubeen Garg. 


Shreya was the arranger and director of “Muses”, a female acapella group in 2019. She also was a part of many vocal jazz ensembles such as “Rhythmn in Blue”, “J-Train”, “Synergy”, and “Vocal East”. In February 2020, Shreya was selected as one of the top 20 jazz vocalists in California, earning her a spot at the California All-State Jazz Ensemble. She attended Fullerton College in Los Angeles in 2020, as a Jazz Voice major. After receiving the “Friends of Jazz” scholarship in 2021, she set her sights on pursuing a career more involved with world music. 


Shreya currently attends the Berklee College of Music, where she is learning music business, contemporary writing and production, as well as minoring in mediteranean music. She has just returned from a six month stay in Valencia, Spain were she studied Flamenco singing and Mediteranean styles of composing. In the coming months, she plans on releasing an EP inspired by her residency in Spain.

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You are divine. 

I believe that each person is a small fragment of the divine, carrying inherent spiritual significance. As a musician, I see art, especially in the form of music, as the closest we can get to the divine reality here on earth. When I sing, my purpose is to forge a connection with the souls of my listeners, transcending the barriers of language, background, and age. "You are divine" is not just a tagline; it encapsulates my belief that every individual possesses a sacred essence within. Living in alignment with core values, particularly the value of connection, is, to me, the path to fulfillment. Music becomes my passport into the hearts of my listeners, allowing us to celebrate and keep alive the diverse stories and hearts behind cultures. Through my performances and folk songs, I aim to create a transcendent experience, inviting you to recognize and celebrate the divinity within yourself and others, fostering a shared connection that goes beyond the boundaries of our individual stories.

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